We aspire leaders


Software and technology are everywhere – in our computers,
in our pockets, in our cars, and used in banking, communications,
entertainment, transportation, and science.

But very few teens are learning how to actually create
technology – games, apps and programs. Even fewer schools in the MENA region and Egypt teach computer science.

However, computer science remains foundational for every
student, whether they want to pursue a career in software, or to be a more well-rounded citizen in the 21st century.

That’s why we’re proudto introduce to you our computer science youth advocacy program: Tech leaders.


Meet Our Team

Amr Ramadan

Amr Ramadan

Project Manager
Zeyad Zohny

Zeyad Zohny

Business Development

Who are we?

The Tech Leaders project is a combined effort of Empower hub and The Next Coders’ Society that aims to introduce adolescents aged from 16 to 22 around Egypt to technology and computer science through local advocacy and leadership endeavors.

Participants will receive inclusive training from a coding expert, social media influencers & specialists, content creators, storytellers, marketers and campaigners, to engage with their target audience and run a successful hour of code campaign.


Our Goals