Our Projects

Empower 2030 leaders are the leaders of tomorrow and today.

“We provide interactive edutainment-based workshops to make it an enjoyable informative journey for young leaders and empower them to network with each other. Also, we provide developmental programs about 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, in collaboration with local and large entities that meet our values.”

We are a group of 18–30-year-old young leaders collaborating to mobilize youth to achieve the 2030 agenda, specifically, climate action, quality education, gender equality, peace and Justice and reduced inequalities.

We empower youth to be capable of achieving their dreams through developmental programs about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with local and international entities meeting our values.

We believe that people who are closest to pain should be closest to power, so we should empower the most vulnerable among us because everyone deserves equal protection and prosperity.

Amr Ramadan
Programs Manager

Our Collaborations

1. Medical Career Development with The United States Embassy.
2. California Activity Club with The United States Embassy and Eyouth
3.Women Leaders Hub with Women Deliver.
4. Climate leaders Hub with Woman Deliver.
5. Teach leaders Hub with the Next Coder’s society.
6. Youth Voices with the British Council.
7. Gender and Climate Guidebook with the British Council, Mint by Eg bank and Global Shapers.
8. Active Citizens with the British Council.

California Activity Club

CAC is a cultural club to learn the concepts of diversity and inclusion through the discovery of the American ....

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Women Leader's Hub

Societal beliefs are stopping many women’s careers from developing. This project will ensure that young women....

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Climate Leaders Hub

Climate awareness in Egypt still needs a lot of processing. So, this project focuses on providing practical....

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Tech leaders Hub

Software and technology are everywhere, but very few adults are learning how to actually create technology....

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Youth Voices

is a socio-cultural project that seeks to enhance the skills of youth in dialogue, debate and critical thinking, consolidate the acceptance of others, and create an environment in which youth can express their opinions and learn, as well....

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Gender and Climate Guidebook

Awareness of climate change’s impact on women’s health doesn’t take enough attention from both the public and health care providers. Accordingly....

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Active Citizens

is a social leadership training programme that promotes intercultural dialogue and community-led social development. Through the programme, we bring together people with different beliefs....

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