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Youth Voices

is a socio-cultural project that seeks to enhance the skills of youth in dialogue, debate and critical thinking, consolidate the acceptance of others, and create an environment in which youth can express their opinions and learn, as well as allow them to participate in shaping the public policy, media narratives, and communicating with decision-makers.


Meet Our Team

Amr Ramadan

Amr Ramadan

Project Manager
Donia Nashaat

Donia Nashaat

Vice Project Manager
Omar Mabrouk

Omar Mabrouk

Project Coordinator

About Youth Voices

With Egypt hosting COP27 in November 2022, Empower Hub and the British Council Egypt had a key role to play in delivering the British Council’s ‘Climate Connection’ programme. Through our arts and culture, education and the English language programmes, the Climate Egypt offer is composed of a programme that aims at supporting young people to gain the skills, confidence, and connections they are looking for to realize their potential and to participate in the climate debate, understand the issues at the heart of the climate crisis and act on possible solutions within their communities.

Programme phases

The cascade training phase

We divide 80 debaters into three debate clubs, and each club receives a 3-day training in a total of 24 hours provided by the British Council facilitators and one-day online training for 4 hours. We provide them with extra soft skills like storytelling skills, advocacy skills and advanced language skills. All of our activities are based on the edutainment and deep learning strategies as we gamify all of our activities to guarantee the highest professional learning experience.

The world café

It is mainly to help the participants in developing the policy paper which was discussing the implications of climate change on marginalized women. Also, we welcome a plethora of climate activists and VIP guests as following :

Mrs. Representative/ Nada Thabet

member of the House of Representatives, Special Solidarity Committee.

Representative Dr. Dina Al-Helali

Member of the Senate

Dr. Lyda Alewa,

Action for Climate Empowerment focal point.

Dr. Sawsan Sami

member of the Youth Council and member of the Environment Committee.

Dr. Marwa Al-Najjar

a psychologist and Secretary of Guidance in the Reform and Renaissance Party.

Dr. Esraa Esmat

lecturer in the Faculty of Science.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Feki

the founder of Orgooo

Mr. Ahmed Ghorab

Projects Coordinator at Arab Federation for Youth and Environment.

The World Café ends with an Eco-friendly Dinner with Zero Food waste.

he field visits and simulation for the world café

The first part of the day, we provide every debate club member with one mock simulation field visit to make sure that they can apply the British debate system acutely in a good manner. The second part of the day is the simulation of the world café to prepare the participants for the main world café attended by parliament representatives and VIP guests.