Do you want to study abroad with a fully-funded scholarship, but you can’t find your path?

Scholarships Academy is one of the best ways to do so. Through enhancing the required skills to apply for a scholarship. Also, evaluating all of your English language skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing, IELTS provides you with an accredited certificate that’s accepted by 10,000+ organizations across 140+ countries.


Empower Hub provides a new take on preparing for scholarships to make you more than ready to study in prestigious educational institutions.

We focus on bringing you the latest strategies from our experts to get you personalized content for YOUR goals.

Scholarships Academy curriculum

Academic writing course

4 lectures
You are going to study : 
a. Parts of speech.
b. Types of sentences (simple, compound, complex, compound complex)
c. Tenses.
d. Common writing mistakes (the use or articles, countable and uncountable, subject-verb agreement, gerund of infinitive, prepositions after adjectives)

Fundamentals of pronunciation course

 3 lectures
a. How to approach learning pronunciation.
b. How can learning English help with other languages?
c. What is English made of?
d. Written vs Spoken English.
e. English Letters and features.
f. Sounds: Vowels and Consonants
g. The common pronunciation mistakes

Skills For Scholarships course

3 lectures
This course contains 3 main parts:
1. How to find the appropriate scholarships.
2. 9 important skills when applying for scholarships.
3. Scholarships opportunities.


Writing ( 3 lectures )
Task 1: How to write a report.
• A chart  • A diagram  • A graph  • A pie chart
Task 2: How to write 3 types of essay.
• Opinion  • Discussion  • 2 sided question

a. Parts of the IELTS EXAM (3 parts)
b. Say it better technique
c. PPF technique
d. What’s wrong with my speaking?
e. Speaking mock exam.

Listening (6 lectures)
a- 12 secrets to score band 9 in listening.
b- 1200 common words for IELTS listening.
c- How to answer the 4 types of listening questions.

a- Scanning and skimming strategies.
b- 300 essential words for IELTS reading.
c- How to answer the 12 types of reading questions.

Team of Expertise

Meet our instructors

Amr Ramadan

Amr Ramadan

CEO of Company
Ambassador of Scholarships

Amr Ramadan

One of the most influential activists in scholarships, studying abroad, volunteering with international organizations, taking part in cultural exchange programs, and preparing for international exams.

Currently, Dr. Ramadan has established his community organization “Empower Hub” to empower youth to work, study and volunteer in their dream institution. He is famous for all the youth as a “scholarships Ambassador.”

Scholarships Academy Alumni


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B1 - C1
B1 - C1

EGP 3000

Full Live Sessions

aims to empower young people to obtain scholarships in prestigious universities by preparing them to fulfill the scholarships requirements.
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B1 - C1
B1 - C1

EGP 4000

Full Live Course

Accredited by 10,000+ organizations Accepted in 140+ countries Evaluates all of your English skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
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B1 - C1
B1 - C1

EGP 4000

Full Live Course

High-quality, high-standard test Chosen by over 35m people Accepted by universities worldwide Overall evaluation on your English skills
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B1 - B2
B1 - B2

EGP 1500

Full Live Course

offers different types of methodologies to learn English for B1 lower intermediate
learners and B2 upper intermediate learners.
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B1 - B2
B1 - B2

EGP 1000

Full Live Course

An English conversation course about the SDGs and how to express ideas, problems and solutions related to them.
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B1 - B2
B1 - B2

EGP 250 Per hour

Full Live Course

A customized English conversation course based on the students' level and needs to take their English level to the next level.
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EGP 500

Recorded Course

aims to upgrade the students'
skills to apply for fully
funded degree or non-degree scholarships
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