Yasmina Sherif

  • Email: yasminasherif5@gmail.com
    Sex: Female
  • Birthday: 1/1/2001
  • City of Residence: Alexandria, Egypt
  • City of Origin: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Expertise Areas: Education, Climate & Environment, Youth Participation & Leadership, Women Empowerment
  • A brief bio:
    Yasmina Sherif is a Fifth-year pharmacy student at Alexandria University. She is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy in Fall 2024. Yasmina was chosen along with 19 participants from the European Union and the MENA to join IBC, an international training program in Germany for social activists who are voluntarily active in civil society. She is an intern at Ideas Gym, an EdTech and STEM oriented organization where Yasmina got the chance to work many VIPs. Yasmina and the CEO of ideas gym are working on an initiative that connects youth, particularly women working in creative industries who struggle in society, with reputable associations like the USAID and Alexandria Business Women Association for better recognition. In 2023, Yasmina was chosen by the U.S. Embassy of Cairo to represent Egypt in one of the United states institutes sponsored by the U.S. department of state (SUSI (Study of the United States Institutes) Madeline K. Albright Young Women Leaders’ Program) joining more than 80 women from over 20 countries around the world, advocating for Women’s rights and social justice. Throughout the program, Yasmina focused on raising awareness about the obstacles women face in her community and shed light on how climate change is affecting women in particular.

  • What ignited your pursuit for SDGs especially the goals you believe in?
    Being a STEM student gave me an insight in the first place, seeing how many girls are missing opportunities that could potentially change their lives. taking part of the STEM community also made me experience the discrimination myself where it was always called out how boys are smarter or more reliable than girls. moving forward to taking part of healthcare and joining the workforce made me experience the discrimination even more. seeing how women lose their potential everyday and sometimes experience acts of violence, yet nothing is done about it. Regarding climate action, knowing for a fact that my how town, Alexandria, is very close from totally vanishing.
  • Please share your biggest wins as an SDGs advocate
    My biggest win so far is being chosen by the U.S. Emabssy of cairo to join SUSI Madeline K.Albright young women’s leaders where I had the chance to meet with the Department of state officials and advocate for social justice and gender equality, and representing my project, proposing new ways to help women affected by climate change.

  • Outside of your SDGs advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?
    Pursuing art, painting, photography and learning about history through art.

  • Languages Spoken with your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced Native or advanced fluent)
    1. Arabic, Native. 2.English, advanced Fluent. 3.German, beginner.

  • What are the 3 goals of the SDGs goal that you are advocating for the most?
    Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 13: Climate Action.