Rewan Saied

  • Email:
    Sex: Female
  • Birthday: 6/21/2001
  • City of Residence: Alexandria, Egypt
  • City of Origin: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Expertise Areas: Climate & Environment, Youth Participation & Leadership, Women Empowerment
  • Write a quote which you believe in.
    Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

  • A brief bio:
    I’m Rewan Saied. I graduated in the faculty of languages and simultaneous interpretation English department at Al-Azhar University.  I’ve been interested in civic engagement for four years, and since then I’ve participated in projects based on achieving sustainable development goals. Through this impressive journey, I worked in many projects and programs that tackle the following goals: quality education, gender equality, climate action, life below water and life on land. I learned to run an advocacy campaign to promote gender equality, and then after attending LCOY 16, I tended to focus on climate action. My achievements in climate action can be classified as follows: First, in the social aspect, I worked on designing and implementing a social media campaign in order to raise awareness of gender and climate issues in Alexandria. then participating in a hybrid programme with the UK to promote cultural knowledge between Egypt and the UK about climate change. Recently, I’ve been working on a campaign about the circular economy. Second, I had the honour to participate in a project for the British Council to tackle climate change impacts through debates and writing policy papers. It was the turning point in learning about public policy and how climate change policy works. Recently, I got an opportunity to learn about writing NDCs and NAPs, and I had the chance to write a local adaptation plan on smart fishing and how it can promote fishermen’s economic circumstances.  Finally, the environmental aspect, which I consider to have the direct and fastest impact, is that I participate in beach clean-ups, replace disposable products with sustainable ones, reduce food waste, know about reducing carbon footprints in transportation and energy, and most importantly, encourage other people to do the same things.

  • What ignited your pursuit for SDGs especially the goals you believe in?
    Two years ago, I heard PM Boris Johnson’s speech at COP 26, saying that Alexandria is threatened with drowning within the upcoming years. and I asked What if Alexandria wouldn’t exist on the Mediterranean Sea in the next few decades? Hence, I felt that I had to do something in order to save my city. I started reading and knowing everything about climate change and how it is the main issue that the SDGs agenda is based on. Then I had many roles to play in advocating for the climate change issues here in my city and the other intersected goals.
  • Please share your biggest wins as an SDGs advocate
    Thanks to Empower Hub, I worked with a team in order to design and implement a social media campaign on gender and climate, especially in coastal cities like Alexandria, which reached more than 5,000 viewers. Then, after a while, I participated in Youth Voices, a project for the British Council, and wrote a policy paper on how climate change impacts influence breadwinner women economically. Finally, I participated in a project for YLE and ANNA LINDH to learn about NDCs and NAPs and I wrote a local adaptation plan on smart fishing to promote fishermen’s economic growth in Alexandria.

  • Outside of your SDGs advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?
    I like learning about different cultures through the arts; that’s why I usually engage in artistic activities. I also like attending events to meet new people and share interests.

  • Languages Spoken with your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced Native or advanced fluent)
    Arabic (Advanced Native) English (Advanced fluent)

  • What are the 3 goals of the SDGs goal that you are advocating for the most?
    Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 16: Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions.