Eslam Ezzat

  • Email:
    Sex: Male
  • Birthday: 1/8/2000
  • City of Residence: Cairo, Egypt
  • City of Origin: Cairo, Egypt
  • Expertise Areas: Climate & Environment, Entrepreneurship
  • Write a quote which you believe in.
    I don’t want to save the environment. I want to help creating an environment that doesn’t need saving.

  • A brief bio:
    Eslam Ezzat is a climate advocate, chemical engineering student, resource efficiency intern, and cleaner production engineering intern pursuing his career towards a sustainable life. taking baby steps that have an impact on his life and others’ lives, trying to show off his capabilities through implementing projects that have an impact on real life, such as the GEIPP global eco-industrial parks program implemented by UNIDO, the United Nations industrial development organization in Egypt, which focused on industrial synergies among factories in industrial zones. not only focusing on industrial development but also giving social entrepreneurship a chance while trying to spearhead his initiative for incentivizing waste collection from residents through gamifying the process. multi-passionate person who is trying to keep the same pace in multiple things to find his true passion in real life.

  • What ignited your pursuit for SDGs especially the goals you believe in?
    Life around us ignited the possibility of a better future, which needs people to try to work on establishing rules for others to follow and try to help and cause impact. While being qualified to work on the previously mentioned SDGs, as a chemical engineering student, I had the opportunity to take courageous steps into factories, trying to put a limit on all pollutants affecting our lives and our environment.
  • Please share your biggest wins as an SDGs advocate
    After multiple trials to showcase the idea of sustainability, I could finally change the ideas of people around me to start understanding more about sustainability and environmental awareness just by letting them understand the truth that they weren’t aware of. Hoping to create and share more and more ideas and have a real-life impact towards my initiative towards people, the environment, and life.

  • Outside of your SDGs advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?
    An athlete and a cyclist with a mix of adventurous soul and enthusiast paratrooper

  • Languages Spoken with your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced Native or advanced fluent)
    English: advanced fluent, Arabic: Native, French: Beginner.

  • Put the most 3 important publications about your work title with their links
    1. invitation to give a ceremonial motivational speech at the end of an internship to students:
    Click Here
    2. the amazing opportinity with empower 2030 leaders with empowerhub, US embassy and amideast;
    Click Here 
    3. the chance of getting the amazing real-life implementation problem with the UNIDO:
    Click Here

  • What are the 3 goals of the SDGs goal that you are advocating for the most?
    Goal 7: Affordable And Clean Energy, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure, Goal 12: Responsible Consumption And Production, Goal 13: Climate Action.