Ahmed Ehab

  • Email: ahmed2elabd@gmail.com
    Sex: Male
  • Birthday: 10/29/2002
  • City of Residence: Alexandria, Egypt
  • City of Origin: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Expertise Areas: Education, Climate & Environment, Youth Participation & Leadership, Peace and Justice, Health
  • Write a quote which you believe in.
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams.
    Idealism is beautiful, not naive.

  • A brief bio:
    My name is Ahmed Ehab! I am gonna turn 21 this month. I would describe myself as a very passionate person, who loves to learn and teach others. To me a perfect environment is one where people can awknowledge, respect and learn from one another. I love socializing and I consider my biggest achievement to this day to be me not letting myself get corrupted. I wish to always be someone who can command kindness and love in a world that has started to appreciate those things less.

  • What ignited your pursuit for SDGs especially the goals you believe in?
    My life experiences. I have noticed that alot of people are cruel, and that certain individuals suffer from that fact. Be it discrimination, differences or straight up underhanded abuse. It has made me really interested in mental health and peace for I am a pacifist. I dislike such acts and I dislike that nothing useful is being done about it. Idealistic as it may be, I wish for a world devoid of unjust treatment and cruelty.
  • Please share your biggest wins as an SDGs advocate
    I have done several camping beach cleaning as a volunteer, volunteered as a teacher multiple times, and I always try to advocate for the importance of mental health and peace wherever I go. And ofcourse my participation in Empower hub’s 2030 leaders!!!!

  • Outside of your SDGs advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?
    Learning about certain languages, Trying Improve on my social skills, Watching shows, Playing video games, interacting with foreigners, teaching people, socializing and more!

  • Languages Spoken with your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced Native or advanced fluent)
    English advanced fluent, Arabic Native, Japanese beginner.

  • What are the 3 goals of the SDGs goal that you are advocating for the most?
    Goal 3: Good Health And Well-Being, Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities, Goal 16: Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions.