Mohamed Zakaria

  • Email:
    Sex: Male
  • Birthday: 8/30/2003
  • City of Residence: Alexandria, Egypt
  • City of Origin: Suez, Egypt
  • Expertise Areas: Education, Economic Empowerment, Climate & Environment, Entrepreneurship
  • Write a quote which you believe in.
    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

  • A brief bio:
    A 20-year-old USAID scholarship activity student hailing from Suez, Egypt, and currently residing in Alexandria. As a junior student at Alexandria University’s Faculty of Science, specializing in Industrial Microbiology and Applied Chemistry (IMAC), and possesses a deep passion for entrepreneurship, scientific research, and volunteer work. my diverse range of experiences and accomplishments showcases his drive and determination. He has served as a Senior Mentor at the Scholarship Academy 2023, utilizing his expertise to guide and support fellow students. Additionally contributed as a marketing and content creator for OCD, a digital services organization, and as a junior research assistant, further honing my skills in his field. Notably, my entrepreneurial spirit shines through as the founder of the startup “Sputnik,” which earned the prestigious first place at the MADE competition. Recognizing the potential and impact of our venture, it received funding from GIZ, and I have also won 3rd place in USAID competition highlighting the viability of this innovative idea. In addition to my academic and entrepreneurial achievements, I am a former governorate boxing champion, and earning the silver medal in the overall competition across Egypt. My dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond my personal pursuits. I have actively volunteered for Banlastic EG, an organization committed to banning single-use plastics and promoting eco-friendly alternatives. Furthermore, I have participated in the Lab of Tomorrow 18′ program, focused on business and entrepreneurship, showcases his commitment to fostering innovation and developing meaningful solutions. My dedication to social causes is evident through his involvement in programs such as Active Citizens and Empower 2030 Leaders, powered by Empower Hub and the esteemed British Council.

  • What ignited your pursuit for SDGs especially the goals you believe in?
    I am ignited to pursue the SDGs of quality education, no poverty, and clean water and sanitation because I believe they are essential for creating a more just and equitable world. Quality education is the foundation for a better future for all. It empowers people to escape poverty, improve their health, and contribute to their communities. However, millions of children around the world still lack access to education. No poverty is a fundamental human right. Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and live a dignified life. However, poverty remains a major challenge, with billions of people living on less than $1.90 per day. Clean water and sanitation are essential for human health and well-being. However, billions of people around the world lack access to clean water and sanitation facilities. This leads to disease, death, and lost productivity. I believe that these three SDGs are interconnected. Quality education can help people escape poverty and improve their access to clean water and sanitation. Clean water and sanitation can help people stay healthy and productive, which can lead to poverty reduction. I am committed to using my abilities to help achieve the SDGs of quality education, no poverty, and clean water and sanitation.
  • Please share your biggest wins as an SDGs advocate
    My biggest win as an SDGs advocate was helping the Banlastic team to sustainability audit the Creative Industry Summit and make it about 90% sustainable. This was a challenging task, but it was incredibly rewarding to see the results of our hard work. We started by conducting a thorough assessment of the event’s environmental impact. We looked at everything from the energy used to power the event to the waste that was produced. Once we had a good understanding of the event’s environmental impact, we began to develop a sustainability plan. We implemented a number of measures to reduce the event’s environmental impact, including: Using renewable energy sources Reducing food waste Reducing plastic waste Encouraging attendees to use public transportation or carpool We also worked with the event organizers to promote sustainability to attendees. We provided information on how to reduce their environmental impact and encouraged them to support sustainable businesses. As a result of our efforts, the Creative Industry Summit was about 90% sustainable. This is a significant achievement, and it is a testament to the commitment of the Banlastic team and the event organizers. I am proud of the work that I did on this project, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have made a positive impact on the environment. I believe that this project is an example of how we can all work together to achieve the SDGs

  • Outside of your SDGs advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?
    As someone who shares a love for science, research, entrepreneurship, and traveling, here are some activities that I would personally enjoy outside of SDGs advocacy work: Exploring scientific and technological advancements: I enjoy staying updated with the latest discoveries and breakthroughs in various scientific fields. Reading scientific journals, attending conferences, and engaging in discussions with fellow researchers allow me to delve deeper into my passion for science. Conducting personal research projects: I find great satisfaction in conducting my own research projects, exploring topics that intrigue me and contributing to the advancement of knowledge. Whether it’s through experimental work, data analysis, or literature reviews, engaging in research nurtures my curiosity and intellectual growth. Entrepreneurial endeavors: As someone passionate about entrepreneurship, I would likely seek opportunities to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas. This could involve identifying market gaps, creating business plans, or collaborating with like-minded individuals to bring a unique product or service to life. travelling: as i travelled to about 20 governorate of the 27 governorates of Egypt

  • Languages Spoken with your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced Native or advanced fluent)
    Arabic – advanced Native , English – Advanced fluent , french – beginner.

  • Put the most 3 important publications about your work title with their links

  • What are the 3 goals of the SDGs goal that you are advocating for the most?
    Goal 1: No poverty, Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 6: Clean Water And Sanitation, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure, Goal 13: Climate Action.